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A cheerful, classic décor for hearth and home.

Adding a few golden accessories to the tree is a good way to incorporate a luxurious touch.

A casual, cheerful classic décor.

Combine ornaments of different colours, shapes, and sizes for a modern, yet rustic look.

Tips For Stressless Holidays Planning

Early October


End of November

Early December

  • Create a festive and welcoming atmosphere outdoors. Adorn the doors with wreaths and garlands. Illuminate your windows with light sets and cords. If you have enough space, topiaries will add the final touch to your home's entrance.

  • View our Christmas tree selector to help you make your choice. Install the Christmas tree and add ornaments, a star or other tree topper decorations. Cover the support with a decorative skirt.

  • If you have time, take advantage of the holiday season to sort and donate your children's extra toys to a local charity. Children will be more receptive to do so at this time of year because they know that they will be getting new toys soon, while knowing that they will make other children happy on Christmas!

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  • The entire Reno-Depot team wishes you Happy Holidays!

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