Broom parking DIY Halloween decoration

How to Build a Broom Parking for Halloween

Enjoy some family time and create this Halloween decorating project in just 5 easy steps. Liven up your entrance with this broom parking craft. Brooms only, so beware, all others will be “toad”!

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
2 hours

Cut the Planks

  • 1.1Cut the four pine planks to create a rectangular box of the desired format. The thickness of the box depends on the thickness of the broom handles (dowels) chosen. We used a 28” x 2.5” x 5.5” box.
Cut the wood planks

Pro Tip

Use a carpenter square as a guide to get a straight cut.

Drill the Wooden Dowels

  • 2.1Secure the wooden dowels to the table using clamps.
  • 2.2Cut the broom handles to different lengths.
  • 2.3Sand them down to round off one end.
  • 2.4Drill and mill each dowel to pass a small rope through them.
Drill the wooden dowels

Paint the Box and Brooms

  • 3.1Paint the box black.
  • 3.2Switch up the colours—think orange, green, white, or purple—for the broom handles. You can also choose to leave them natural.
  • 3.3

    For the sign on the box, paint it freehand or use a sticker. Some ideas:

    • Broom Parking
    • Brooms Only
    • Happy Halloween
Paint the pieces of the project

Decorate Your Project

  • 4.1Decorate the brooms to your taste with accessories (branches, straw, stickers, tape, coloured ribbons, glitter, raffia).
Decorate the project

Add the Finishing Touches

  • 5.1Place the brooms at equal or varying distances apart on the front board. Secure each broom in place using two screws.
  • 5.2Assemble the remaining box pieces using finish nails.
  • 5.3Install the hardware for securing the project to the wall.
Secure the brooms to the front board
Finalize the project

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