How to build a Backyard Fire Pit in Only One Day

Enjoy the outdoors during any season with a DIY backyard fire pit made of patio blocks. Use this guide to build a fire pit in just one day and that can be enjoyed later that same night.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
8 hours
Patio Block Tips: Having around eighteen blocks per row of the fire pit is a good rule of thumb. However, patio blocks vary in size and style, so the number of blocks may also vary depending on the width and desired look of the fire pit.

Dig the Fire Pit Hole

To begin, dig a round and shallow hole with a diameter of 45” and a depth of 6”. This will allow the first row of blocks to be laid belowground for greater stability. Check that the hole is even and flat all around using a level.
Prepare the area to build a backyard fire pit
Dig the hole for an outdoor fire pit
Compact the soil for an outdoor firepit
Level the area before installing the firepit

Pro Tip

Blocks that come with interlocking lips are intended for retaining walls rather than stacked block projects like this one.

Prepare the Base

After the hole is dug and level, fill it with about 3” of paver base. Compact the base by tamping it down and use a level to make sure that the surface is even all over.
Add gravel base
Compact the gravel base

Pro Tip

Add handfuls of paver base to any dips and smooth it out with the butt end of a mallet for a nice, level surface.

Lay the First Row

When placing the first row, ensure that every block set down is level before placing the next one. After each block is laid, use the rest of the paver base to fill in and level the gaps between them.
Lay the first row of patio blocks for the firepit

Lay the Rest of the Stones

While building the remaining rows, stagger the blocks by rotating each row’s pattern. Secure the rows by using landscaping adhesive between them and check that each row is level before starting on the next.
Place the second row of patio blocks
Add construction adhesive to reinforce the firepit
Place the last row of cinder blocks

Add the Finishing Touch

Once the fourth and final row is placed and level, the fire pit kit can be placed on top. There is no need for anchoring or adhesives—the fire pit is ready for use!
Add the firepit kit

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