DIY Flower box

On a balcony or in a large garden filled with flowers or herbs, this easy-to-make flower box will undoubtedly embellish your exterior.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
1 hour 30 minutes


  • 1.1Make a simple sketch.
  • 1.2Note measurements in order to know the exact size of the pieces to cut.
  • 1.3Make a list of all the pieces of wood that make up the box and their measurements.

Pro Tip

You can modify the model of your box according to your needs.

The proposed model is simple, easy to reproduce and economical since there is no loss of wood. Rectangular, it leaves enough space to grow different types of plants.

Its four legs lift the box and move it away from the humidity of the ground.

Measure and cut the pieces

  • 2.1Measure and cut the wood for the legs, the sides (left and right), the front and then the back of the box. Keep aside.
  • 2.2Measure and cut the support parts for the bottom of the box.
  • 2.3Measure and cut the bottom boards of the box. Keep aside. During assembly you will have to cut around the tab.
  • 2.4Lightly sand the pieces if there is wood that rolls up.

Pro Tip

If you want a higher box, you just need to extend the legs. But keep balanced proportions. A box that is too high will be less stable.

The box

  • 3.1First assemble the facade. For assembly, place the boards on a solid surface.
  • 3.2Place one leg on each side and with the help of the square make sure everything is straight.
  • 3.3Screw the legs to the boards using two screws per piece. Be sure to keep at least 3 to 4 inches for the legs.
  • 3.4Repeat the assembly on the other side.
  • 3.5Install between each leg a support for the bottom support below the last board. Screw about ½ inch above. You can adjust the bottom support pieces according to the depth of your box. It all depends on your model.

Pro Tip

For the box to be durable and to counter the natural warping movement of the wood, the assembly must be solid. Place at least 4 screws per board.

Use stainless steel screws or screws for treated wood.

Installation of the sides

  • 4.1Assemble the first side. Screw the end pieces to the side of the legs to close the box. Make sure everything is straight and square.
  • 4.2Assemble the other side.

Manufacture of the bottom of the box

  • 5.1Measure and trace the bottom boards with the square so that they fit well with the legs.
  • 5.2Cut with a jigsaw.
  • 5.3To facilitate the flow of water, drill 6 to 8 holes, approximately ½ inch each, in the centre of the board.
  • 5.4Place the boards at the bottom of the box.

Pro Tip

The assembly of the bottom of the box is just one way of doing it. You can change it as long as it is solid.

Finish and protection

  • 6.1Using a brush apply a finishing product.
  • 6.2Leave to dry.

Pro Tip

Cedar is a natural essence that supports the outdoor climate very well. However, it will turn grey if it is not protected. You can apply a product with a slight colour.

You can also apply teak oil. You can apply it in fall and spring.

Drainage and filling of soil

  • 7.1Place crushed stone at the bottom of the box.
  • 7.2Measure and cut a piece of landscape fabric. Place it at the bottom of the box and mount it around the edges.
  • 7.3Fill with soil.

Pro Tip

Geotextile helps retain moisture and helps improve root development.

To make the right choice of soil, it must be related to the type of plants you want to grow.

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