Hanging wall-mounted shelves

Hanging simple wall-mounted shelves is a quick and easy way to increase storage. Only 5 steps and you’re done.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
2 hours

Locating and marking studs

  • 1.1Locate the center of studs behind the wallboard with a stud finder. Mark their position.
  • 1.2In the center of the stud, mark the desired height.
  • 1.3Place a shelf bracket on the wall and level it.
  • 1.4Mark the screw holes in the bracket on the wall.

Drilling pilot holes in the wall

  • 2.1Drill holes at the marks made at step 1.4.

Pro Tip

Pilot holes help prevent screws from making cracks in the wall or the shelf. The diameter of the drill bit should be slightly smaller than that of the screws.

Fastening the first bracket

  • 3.1Line up the screw holes in the bracket and screw into to the wall.

Positioning the second bracket

  • 4.1Measure the desired distance for the second bracket. It should also be installed at the center of a stud.
  • 4.2Repeat steps 1.1 to 2.1.
  • 4.3Secure the second bracket.
  • 4.4Install more brackets if needed, according to the length of the shelf.

Marking and drilling pilot holes in the shelves

  • 5.1Place the shelves on the brackets and measure to make sure they are centered and levelled.
  • 5.2Mark the screw holes onto the shelves.
  • 5.3Drill the holes and screw the shelf into place.

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