Reclaimed wood plank Christmas presents on a porch

How To Build Outdoor Reclaimed Wood Plank Presents

Give your porch some festive flair with these elegant and easy-to-make wood plank Christmas presents. A few planks and screws, and a coat of paint: that’s all there is to it! The perfect family activity.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
1 hour

Measure the Planks

  • 1.1For each present, trace a line at the height of your choice on three or four planks.
Person measuring a piece of wood

Pro Tip

We recommend the following heights for a balanced and well-thought-out look.

  • First present: 48”
  • Second present: 32”
  • Third present: 24”

Cut the Planks

  • 2.1For each present, cut the three or four planks to the same height.
Person cutting wood with a mitre saw

Assemble the Present

  • 3.1Cut wood scraps or slats to use as vertical pieces to hold everything together; depending on the height of the present, you will need two or three scraps. Make sure the length of each piece is 2” shorter than the width of the present.
  • 3.2Pre-drill the pieces, then screw them behind the planks (along the width) to join the planks together and solidify the present.
Person using an electric screwdriver

Pro Tip

To prevent splitting, pre-drill the pieces before screwing them in.

Paint the Presents

  • 4.1Using a roller, apply white exterior stain to the presents. You can also use a paintbrush or rag to do this.
Person applying white paint to wood planks

Decorate Your Project

  • 5.1Decorate the presents with accessories (ribbon, glitter, branches, string lights). Secure it using a hot glue gun, if required.
Person tying a gold ribbon

Pro Tip

Take your project to the next level by adding LED lights to bring your presents to life at night!

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