Installing a heated floor cable system

Installing a heated floor in the bathroom, entrance, kitchen, or basement will create unparalleled comfort in your home. Here are the steps to follow.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
1 day
According to Quebec laws, only professional electricians can complete electrical installations. Our pros can help you out with your project.

Determine the necessary quantity of cable

  • 1.1Measure the size of the space to cover in order to calculate the necessary quantity of cable.
  • 1.2Outline the space to cover.
  • 1.3Properly clean the area.

Pro Tip

Test the electric resistance of the wire before and after the installation.

Another tip is to test it one last time, once the flooring has been installed.

Install the templates

  • 2.1Using a hot glue gun, install the templates at either end of the space.
  • 2.2Create a cavity in the floor in order to lodge the mechanical joint.
  • 2.3Glue the mechanical joint into place.

Fish the heating cable into the wall

  • 3.1Thread the cold portion of the heating cable as well as the provided electric probe into the wall to the junction box.

Install the cable

  • 4.1Install the cable in the first hook of the template, on the same side as the mechanical joint.
  • 4.2Hook the wire into the template at the other side of the space.
  • 4.3Leave 3 hooks and insert the wire into the template. Run the wire to the other side of the space.
  • 4.4Repeat step 4.3 until the area is covered.

Pro Tip

Using a reel will ensure that the wire does not kink.

Securing the wire into the template with hot glue will avoid the cable moving throughout the installation process.

Finish the installation

  • 5.1Secure the cutoff joint to the floor with hot glue.
  • 5.2Create 2 cavities in the floor to install the flooring probes.
  • 5.3Secure the probes with hot glue.

Install the flooring

  • 6.1Install the flooring over the heating wire.

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