How to Create a Neon Teen Bedroom with Smart Lights

From smart bulbs to light strips, here are three ways of installing lights to customize the lighting in a teen bedroom. Why not try it in other rooms of your home to transform the atmosphere with a super trendy look? The challenge is on.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
1 hour
Before You Start
Combine lighting and decor with the latest innovations in light bulbs. Let your imagination run wild by combining the lighting techniques below and playing with the light colours and intensities.

Install Light Strips on the Walls

  • 1.1Decide where you want the light strips to go, then measure the area to find out how many strips you’ll need. Keep in mind the distance to your outlet.
  • 1.2Remove the piece covering the tape on the back of the lights and stick them on the wall. For better adhesion, work in 12” sections, pressing and holding the section in place for 10 seconds before moving to the next section.
  • 1.3Plug them in and the job is done!
Bedroom with multicoloured LED light strips on the ceiling

Pro Tip

Connect a maximum of 32’ worth of light strips per power source. If the strips turn out to be too long, you can cut them. Just make sure they’re unplugged first, then cut along the designated area.

Light Up Your Furniture

  • 2.1Placing lights around the edges of a piece of furniture can create a super cool look. Once you’ve picked out the piece of furniture, pull back the piece covering the tape and place them directly on it.
Furniture with neon light strips to create an atmosphere in a teen bedroom

Pro Tip

If the strips are placed on an area that is facing the wall, slightly pull the piece of furniture away so that the light is still visible.

Swap Your Lamp Light Bulbs

  • 3.1To immediately transform the atmosphere in any room, replace the light bulbs in your lamps and light fixtures with LED smart bulbs.
  • 3.2Download the Cync mobile app to discover a number of interesting and innovative features:
    • control lighting by voice command;
    • control all smart bulbs at the same time... or create subgroups for more customized lighting;
    • enter real colour codes in the app to perfectly match the lighting with the decor;
    • sync the lights with your sleep schedule;
    • and much more!
Lighting fixture with smart light bulbs of different colours
Smart phone with a light colour wheel

Pro Tip

For a relaxing atmosphere, opt for soft, warm colours. Want to create a festive and lively vibe? Choose bright colours.

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