Painting a wall

There’s nothing easier than a new colour on the walls to change décor. Paint like a pro by following these steps.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
1 day

Choosing the colour

  • 1.1Select the desired colour and finish.
  • 1.2Take lighting, furniture, wall height, etc. into consideration.
  • 1.3Test the colour choice in different areas of the room by putting the swatch up to the wall.

Pro Tip

Use an eggshell finish paint in the rooms that require frequent maintenance. It is much more washable than a matte finish, for example.
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Preparing the room

  • 2.1When possible, remove furniture and accessories. Cover what can’t be taken out with a drop sheet.
  • 2.2Repair any holes or cracks in the walls with drywall compound.
  • 2.3Protect the ceiling and mouldings with masking tape.

Painting with the W technique

  • 3.1Trim the mouldings, ceiling, light switches and outlets, etc.
  • 3.2Outline the space to be painted by tracing a W with the roller.
  • 3.3Cover the W in its entirety.
  • 3.4Repeat steps 3.2 and 3.3 until all the walls are painted.

Pro Tip

A 2-in-1 paint can be applied directly onto new drywall. If there is already a colour on the walls, it’s best to use a primer first.

Generally, two coats are needed.

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