Refinishing the deck

Water sealers last anywhere from 1 to 4 years. Every May or October check the state of your deck by pouring a glass of water on a beam. If the wood fades, it’s time to refinish the deck.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
3 hours

Soaking the deck

  • 1.1Soak the deck in its entirety.

Pro Tip

Remove any debris and sweep the deck before starting. If need be, use a nail punch and a hammer to sink the nails into the boards.

Applying the deck cleaner

  • 2.1Pour the cleaner into a square bucket to avoid contaminating the rest of the product. Soak the brush block into the cleaner and apply to the boards.
  • 2.2Brush in the direction of the boards, 4 at a time.
  • 2.3If the handrails and banisters are stained or dirty, apply the cleaner with the brush block and rub thoroughly.

Pro Tip

A square bucket allows the entire brush head to be soaked into the wood cleaner.
Wear safety goggles, old clothes, and gloves.

Scrubing the deck

  • 3.1Scrub the deck using a wire brush.

Rinsing the deck

  • 4.1Rinse the entire deck, including the railings and banisters, properly until no more bubbles form.
  • 4.2Let dry the recommended time.

Pro Tip

The cleaner can damage any surrounding plants and shrubs. Before rinsing the deck, water the surrounding area thoroughly to dilute any cleaning product that could be present. After rinsing the deck, water the plants and shrubs again.

Applying a finish

  • 5.1Pour the sealer in the bucket and apply with a roller or pad, making sure the product penetrates properly. A 4" brush can also be used.
  • 5.2Apply the sealer in the direction of the boards, in sections of 4.
  • 5.3Let dry the recommended time.
  • 5.4If it’s been over a year since the last treatment, apply a second coat.

Pro Tip

To make sure that the sealer dries normally, we recommend waiting until the weather is right to apply the product. There must be no (threat of) rain, and it can’t be too cold or too hot outside.

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