Repairing cracks in concrete

Repairing cracks yourself only takes a few hours and is a good way to refresh concrete surfaces without having to spend too much money.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
2 to 4 hours

Prepare the surface

  • 1.1Make sure the surface is clean and dry.
  • 1.2Use a wire brush to thoroughly clean the crack to be repaired.

Preparing the mix

  • 2.1Open the crack repair tube.
  • 2.2Using long-nose pliers, pull on the bag that is inside the tube.
  • 2.3With a utility knife, cut the bag under the metallic ring.
  • 2.4Screw the static mixer to the top of the tube and place it on a caulking gun.
  • 2.5Purge the contents of the tube until the consistency and colour are a homogenous grey.

Pro Tip

It’s best to wear safety gloves to avoid direct contact with the skin.

Apply the mix

  • 3.1Apply the mix immediately in the crack, making sure to fill it entirely.
  • 3.2Smooth the product into the crack, levelling it with the intact surface.
  • 3.3Let dry as recommended on the packaging.

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