Repairing large holes in the walls

Fix the holes in the walls yourself by following these four steps.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
2 days

Cutting the damaged section

  • 1.1Using a stud finder, locate the studs on either side of the hole.
  • 1.2Using a square, outline a rectangle around the whole. The size depends on how big the hole is.
  • 1.3Cut around the outline with a utility knife.
  • 1.4Remove the section.

Pro Tip

Using the square as a ruler ensures a straight line without having to change tools.

Reinforcing the sides

  • 2.1Cut 2 reinforcement pieces. They should be 4 to 5 inches longer than the cutout. If there are no studs in the area, cut 2 support boards using at least ½" wood.
  • 2.2Place the first reinforcement piece in the hole and hold it in place. Put the board at the top of the cutout so it’s half hidden by the panel.
  • 2.3Screw the beam at the top and bottom of the cutout using 2½" drywall screws. The screws should be placed at an angle.
  • 2.4Secure the second beam the same way.

Pro Tip

If your studs are more than 16" apart, cut the wall and support beams to fit the measurements.

Filling the hole with a piece of drywall

  • 3.1With a utility knife and a square, cut a piece of drywall with the same dimensions as the cutout.
  • 3.2Place the drywall in the hole and screw each corner to solidify.

Pro Tip

If the cut piece of drywall doesn’t fit into the hole, shave the sides until it fits properly.

Finishing the repair

  • 4.1Cover the sides of the patch with drywall compound. If the gap around the drywall is too big, use joint tape.
  • 4.2Apply a coat of drywall compound onto the joint tape. Let dry overnight, sand, and apply a second coat.
  • 4.3Sand the joint with a medium grain sandpaper, repaint the wall if needed.

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