Replacing a broken tile

It’s possible to replace a broken tile without having to lay new flooring for the entire space. Here are all the steps to get the job done.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
Two to four hours

Removing the broken tile

  • 1.1Using a scrapper, remove the grout surrounding the broken tile.
  • 1.2With a hammer, break the entire surface of the cracked tile.
  • 1.3Remove any dust and debris.

Pro Tip

Place a thick rag on the tile before hitting it with a hammer. This will keep all the ceramic pieces together.
Wear safety goggles as well as a dust mask for your protection.

Laying the new tile

  • 2.1Mix the tile mortar in a bucket according to the manufacturer’s directions. A pre-mixed mortar can also be used.
  • 2.2Apply a small amount of mortar where the broken tile was.
  • 2.3Spread the mortar with a trowel at a 45° angle (the angle allows for even grooves)
  • 2.4Apply mortar to the bottom of the new tile.
  • 2.5Run the grooved trowel under the tile.

Applying the new grout

  • 3.1Mix the grout in a bucket according to the manufacturer’s directions. A pre-mixed grout can also be used.
  • 3.2Pour a part of the grout around the new tile. Spread evenly with a trowel.
  • 3.3Scrape the excess grout with the trowel, working diagonally. Clean the trowel on the side of the bucket.
  • 3.4Let the grout dry about 15 minutes.

Pro Tip

Hold the trowel at an angle and work diagonally. This will ensure that the joints are filled entirely.
Wet grout is slightly corrosive. Wear gloves to mix and apply the product.

Removing the excess grout

  • 4.1Wipe the tiles with a wet sponge, working diagonally. Be careful not to remove any grout from the joints.

Pro Tip

Wring the sponge out properly so it doesn’t drip.
The water should not be hot, or warm, and shouldn’t get too cloudy. Change it 2 or 3 times while cleaning.

Cleaning the tiles

  • 5.1Let the grout dry overnight and wipe the tile down with a wet rag, working diagonally.
  • 5.2Apply a silicone sealant if needed.

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