Wooden characters for Halloween

Halloween Decoration: Wooden Characters

Celebrate Halloween by making these fun and colourful wooden characters for your porch or balcony. The little ones will love them!

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
2 hours

Cut the Planks

  • 1.1Using a mitre saw, cut the five 2” x 6” planks to random lengths to create characters of different heights.
  • 1.2Cut the 2” x 8” plank to create the base.
  • 1.3Trace the cut lines and cut the extremities of the five 2” x 6” planks (character heads) using a jigsaw.
Cut the planks using a mitre saw
Cut the ends using a jigsaw

Sand the Cuts

Sand down all the cuts using a sander and sandpaper.

Paint the Pieces

  • 3.1Paint the base black.
  • 3.2Switch up the colours—think orange, green, white, or purple—of the creatures.
Paint the pieces of the Halloween decoration

Assemble Your Project

  • 4.1Place the creatures (the five 2” x 6” planks) on the black base (the 2” x 8” plank). Place each creature on an angle.
  • 4.2Secure each creature using screws (from below).
Assemble the Halloween craft project
Angles of the Halloween characters


Let your imagination run wild and decorate your creatures! Some ideas:

  • stickers for the eyes
  • gauze or burlap for the mummy
  • rope for the cat’s moustache
  • synthetic autumn leaves
  • coloured ribbons or raffia
  • etc
Decorate the Halloween decoration project

Pro Tip

Take your project to the next level by adding LED lights to bring your characters to life at night!

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