Upgrade Your Home with These Smart Devices

Transform your place into a smart home with new lighting, thermostats, and appliances. Find out which devices are the best choice for your lifestyle.

All Things Smart Home
We have all you need to make your home more convenient, safe, and energy efficient.
Go for Smart Home Lighting
Spruce up any space with smart lighting solutions.
Smart light switch with intensity wheel
Smart Light Switches and Outlets
Smart outlets and light switches couldn’t be easier to install, as you can simply place them overtop of existing outlets and switches. They work with all light bulbs, can be controlled with voice commands, and connect to a mobile app where you can set schedules for devices to turn on and off automatically.
LED smart light bulb
Smart Light Bulbs
Smart light bulbs are Bluetooth-enabled, which allows for functionality like timers, voice control, schedules, and built-in speakers. Plus, they are super easy to install.
Smartphone showing a lighting colour palette
Endless Possibilities at Your Fingertips
With a smart phone (or even with the sound of your voice, using a smart hub), it’s possible to adjust light intensity, change the colour of the lighting, create an atmosphere, and more.

Pro Tip

Make sure you have fast and reliable service, as your smart home will depend on your Wi-Fi network to work its magic.
Tackling Chores the Smart Way
Smart appliances have what it takes to make your life easier.
Stainless steel fridge with a see-through panel
Smart Refrigerators
Make meal planning easy with a smart fridge. These convenient appliances offer fun and handy features like on-screen calendars to keep track of the groceries, cameras to take pictures of what’s inside, a built-in Wi-Fi radio, and more.
Stainless steel smart oven
Smart Ovens
Improve your prowess in the kitchen with a smart oven that lets you use your phone to set timers, adjust the temperature, and input a variety of other commands. Some models even integrate with smart thermostats and send you an alert if you’ve left the oven on.
Sleek dishwasher in a modern kitchen
Smart Dishwashers
A smart dishwasher lets you customize and run dishwashing cycles to best suit the needs of your household. You can run the cycle remotely from anywhere as well.
All-in-one washer and dryer in a small bathroom
Smart Washers and Dryers
Look forward to doing your laundry. Smart washers and dryers allow you to change machine settings, start the cycle, and even stop the cycle all through your phone.
Kick Things Up a Notch
A smart hub device on a kitchen countertop
Smart Home Hubs
Enjoy even more convenience with a Smart Home Hub that lets you control smart devices like lights, thermostats, and security cameras all from one place. Plus, installing and programming one couldn’t be easier. Most hubs are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, providing you with complete voice command.
Couple placing items in a car with the garage door open
Smart Garage Door Openers
Enhance your security even more by taking control of your garage door. A smart garage door opener will send open door alerts to your mobile device, helping you stay safe.
How About a Robotic Vacuum?
Planning on cleaning the floors tonight? Thanks to a robotic vacuum, you can binge watch the latest hit TV show instead… while your robotic little helper does all the work. Yes please!

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