Time for a greener grass!

That’s it, you've decided that the grass will no longer be greener on the other side. You are ready to reseed and feed your lawn with fertilizer and nutrients. But, you still need the right advice and the right tools. This guide will help you achieve the perfect lawn.

Choosing the right spreader
Buying a good spreader is a must to get a perfectly lush lawn. Depending on the size of your lawn, each spreader offers different advantages.
Broadcast spreader
Also called a rotary spreader. The container lets the fertilizer, seeds or nutrients escape onto a mechanical disc, which then disperses it on the lawn.


  • Suitable for medium and large lawns.
  • More effective on large, unobstructed surfaces.
Drop spreader
It’s the perfect tool to cover long strips of land without losing too much fertilizer. As you pass, make sure to cover the surface thoroughly, as the fertilizer falls directly from the base of the container.


  • Suitable for medium lawns.
  • Highly efficient for precision work.
Handheld spreader
The manual or handheld spreader is a great ally for small surfaces. Its mechanism is similar to the broadcast spreader.


  • Suitable for small lawns.
  • Goes where larger models of spreader can’t.
  • Most affordable spreader.

Pro Tip

Fertilizers create rust. Extend the life of your spreader by rinsing it after each use and occasionally oiling the mechanism.
Make your neighbor green with envy.
To revive yellow or dry patches on your lawn, watch for the next rain warning. Before the rainfall, scatter some seeds and soil. Your lawn will be greener and denser too.

Here are some recommendations for fertilizers to help you enjoy a stronger, fuller and healthier lawn.
Fertilizers 101
The secret to a beautiful lawn is regular watering, careful maintenance and the use of fertilizers. Beware! You must choose the variety that best suits your lawn and your needs.

With herbicides
With insecticide
This variety stimulates rapid growth. 2 to 4 weeks of effectiveness.

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