French Country bedroom makeover with Maude Pion

How to Give Your Bedroom a French Country Makeover

With its perfect mix of sophistication and simplicity, a European-style bedroom decor is a great way to create a super cozy space.

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Maude Pion
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Bedroom Decor Ideas

To create our dream house, we spent a long time browsing Pinterest for minimalist decorating ideas. We’d been dreaming of Europe ever since our last trip to Greece, so we decided to combine a European style with a French country look to give our bedroom a bit of Old World charm.

Here’s how we turned our home decor dream into reality.

Consider Decorative Moulding

We hired a contractor who had worked on our house in the past. He had a lot of experience with moulding installation, so he was able to advise us on the different types. In the end, we opted for a primed MDF chair rail.
Decorative moulding bedroom

Complete the Look

Choose the Perfect Colour

To give the room some added warmth, we selected an elegant shade of beige called Japanese Paper (6195-21), by SICO. It’s absolutely perfect! And good news: You can now get your paint prepared from the comfort of your home thanks to the SICO Colour Selector.

Incorporate Shiplap

I’m so glad that I insisted on the idea of a white shiplap ceiling—it makes the room so much cozier. When installing a shiplap wall or ceiling, the first thing you have to do is make sure that the surface is completely flat. Otherwise, you might have to do additional renovations to make sure the decorative wall panels are installed correctly.

Shilap ceiling

Add a Barn Door

The barn door was already in our bedroom before the remodel. We decided to paint it the same colour as the walls so that it blends in better with the rest of the decor. If you want to copy this style, here’s a similar sliding door.

Rethink Your Lighting

We decided to install wall lighting to create a chic, minimalist look. Again, Pinterest was our best friend when it came to finding inspiration.

Complete the Look

Profile picture of blogger Maude Pion
Maude Pion
Lifestyle Blogger
Maude is a full-time paralegal and content creator. She is inspired by many things including architecture, home decor, fashion, and the beauty of nature.


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