5 Ghoulishly Good Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Make Halloween even more memorable with some spooktacular indoor and outdoor decorations like pumpkins, inflatables, and creepy animatronics. Here are five ghoulishly good ideas for Halloween decorating.

House with various Halloween decorations on the lawn and porch
Everything You Need for a Haunted Home
We have all of the Halloween decorations you need to make this year a memorable one. Find spooky ghosts, frightening inflatables, eerie skeletons, and more! You can even pick up the perfect pumpkin for a jack-o-lantern at the Garden Centre.
Inflatable Halloween decorations
Greet Your Guests with Cute and Creepy Halloween Inflatables
Enliven your front yard with a collection of scary or silly outdoor inflatables. From steaming gargoyles to adorable trick-or-treaters, inflatables are fun pieces of decor and a big hit with kids. Best of all, they inflate in mere seconds for a fast and easy setup. Outdoor inflatables are also water-resistant and easily tethered to the ground so that the wind (or mischievous spirits) can’t pick them up and carry them off into the night.
Halloween inflatable in the shape of a pumpkin
Set of two Halloween inflatables
Set of three Halloween inflatable decorations
Pumpkin with lights on a porch
Spruce Up Your Lawn with Fang-Tastic Decor
Use some scary decor to make your lawn so spooky, your visitors will just be dying to come inside! Signs that proclaim BEWARE can warn guests to stay away while ghoulish skeletons and ghosts will inspire a morbid curiosity to come even closer. Top it all off with some creepy-crawly spiders on fake spiderwebs hung around your doorway.

Don’t forget one of the most quintessential pieces of Halloween decor: jack-o-lanterns! With a carving kit that includes saws, scrapers, and stencils, you’ll be all set to carve the scariest pumpkin on the street. Place a strobe light inside, put it on a pumpkin set, and you’re good to go.
Giant spider with lights on a lawn for Halloween

Pro Tip

A quick spray with a bleach and water solution will keep mould at bay inside of your jack-o-lanterns.
Frighten Trick-Or-Treaters with Animatronics
Put a jolt in the step of trick-or-treaters coming up to your door with motion-activated animatronics lining your driveway or walkway. You can also use them in your entry hall if you’re more focused on decorating indoors or if you’re throwing a party. We carry an array of frightening characters, from evil, green-skinned witches to terrifying werewolves with glowing eyes.
Skeletons, bones, and tombstones with lights on a lawn
Motion activated Haloween decorations (skeleton and demon)

Pro Tip

A surefire way to create a spookier atmosphere is to set up a fog machine nearby.
Orange string lights with tiny pumpkins
Create a Festive Atmosphere with Halloween Party Decor
Getting set for a Halloween bash? Invite your friends and family and delight them with party decor like skeleton figurines and jack-o-lantern buckets. Whimsical string lights are also a fantastic choice for setting the mood by shining in all the colours of the spooky rainbow, like white, green, and orange.
Decorate the Mantel with Creeptastic Decor
Welcome the Halloween spirit into your home with a spectacularly spooky mantel adorned in all the right creepy decorations. Options include an animated skull with frightening witch hands, an LED skull lantern, thick cobwebs, tombstones, and some black tinsel garland for extra dreadful and dramatic effect.
Mantel with Halloween decorations

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