Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Smalls Projects, Big Impact

When we first visited the home, we were charmed by the kitchen's lighting and immediately saw the potential it had to offer. Though we planned to renovate the whole house, our first challenge was to refresh the kitchen at a low cost.

Annie Daoust
Lifestyle blogger
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The kitchen before

Here's what the kitchen looked like before the renovation process. We already liked the base materials and the cabinets, but the general style needed to change.

Refinishing the kitchen counters

The very first change we made was refinishing the fantastic wooden countertops. 

Several water and cooking stains were visible on the more commonly used surfaces. We loved their versatility though, and it was super simple to smooth them down using sand paper, then oil them again. You can then leave them as they are or make them a different shade with a stain for counters. A low-cost change that creates a big impact.   


Pro Tip

Before you begin staining the kitchen counter, test the colour and finish on a non-visible area.

Changing a kitchen backsplash

A kitchen backsplash that extends all the way to the ceiling adds plenty of amazing light and dimension to the kitchen. 

Since we wanted a classic and timeless style, we opted for a ceramic, subway tile backsplash. 

In order to achieve a more discreet and delicate look, we used a pearl-grey grout and smaller, 1/16" tile spacers.  

1 look 3 budgets

Changing light fixtures

The original light fixtures no longer matched the new, more classic style in the kitchen. So, we changed the fixture above the sink as well as the one above the kitchen island.  

Even though the kitchen was very bright during the day thanks to its many windows, it was quite dark once the sun set. That’s why we added four recessed lights with a dimmer.  

In addition to creating a warm atmosphere, they also highlight the kitchen cabinets and our shelves.  

Recreate this look

Adding wall shelves

The change that creates the biggest impact in this kitchen renovation project is definitely the addition of our wooden wall shelves. 

Removing some of the top cabinets to install these two shelves gave the kitchen a sleeker look. They also create an incredible focal point since the kitchen is the very first room you see when entering the home. As a carpenter, Mathieu was able to build the shelves in a very simple way using materials that are easily found at Reno-Depot. 

He used pine boards, which he assembled in a way so that no seams were visible. And they were attached to the wall using brackets that slide directly into each shelf, giving them a clean and minimalist look. 


Annie Daoust
Lifestyle blogger
Annie is passionate about home décor and well-being. She shares on her blog her discoveries of the moment, renovation projects and mom’s daily life.

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