Freestanding bathtub, walk-in shower and even a touch of wood: ideas are flowing to recreate a spa atmosphere.

Lavish Bathroom
Neutral shades and the most vibrant are in the spotlight. Use our SICO paint selector to find the perfect color for your bathroom!
The flat cabinets with minimalist lines are ultra-chic and timeless. Paint them in dark and matte colors and add gold accessories for more refinement.
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With the return of the 70’s trend, gold finish is in the spotlight for all accessories. And that includes the faucets. The combination with marble, quartz or ceramic is simply splendid.
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Natural lighting is so much better. Don't be afraid to add several mirrors to reflect the light on all the walls while giving the room more space.
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Adequate lighting is essential in a bathroom. Add brighter light sources near the mirrors to see more clearly when applying makeup or shaving.
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The toilets are more and more efficient and are suitable for all spaces, even the narrowest. Bidets are definitely a trend to watch.
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The freestanding ceramic bathtub with its straight and curved lines steals the show every time.
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