Installing synthetic flooring in 4 steps

Installing synthetic flooring (vinyl, floating, or laminate) only takes 4 simple steps. A little one day job that’ll completely change a room!

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
1 day

Measuring the area

  • 1.1Before installing the synthetic flooring, measure the area to be covered.

Installing the foam floor underlay

  • 2.1Measure the quantity of underlay needed for the project.
  • 2.2Using a utility knife, cut the underlay as needed.

Installing the first row of flooring

  • 3.1Place the first tile at 5/16" from the wall.
  • 3.2Interlock the tiles together to complete the first row.

Top tip

Vinyl tiles come in many colours and finishes. A few mallet swings on each tile will make sure that they are well installed.

Finishing the installation

  • 4.1Measure and cut the tiles if needed.
  • 4.2Interlock the rest of the tiles.

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