Installing a bathroom vanity

The renovation of your bathroom could not be complete without the installation of a new vanity.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
4 hours

Locating studs

  • 1.1Position the vanity against the wall, centring it on the drain stub-out and the shutoff valves. Outlines the sides of the vanity on the wall with a pencil, then extend the lines to the floor and set the vanity aside.
  • 1.2Locate the centre of two wall studs within the marked outline using a stud finder.

Extending the stud marks

  • 2.1Extend the stud-location marks made at the step 1 so they will be visible above and below the mounting rail on the back of the vanity once the vanity is in position.

Removing floor trim

  • 3.1Tap the blade of a putty knife under the shoe moulding, raising it far enough to fit in the tip of a pry bar. Using a wood pad under the pry bar, work along the shoe moulding to free it.
  • 3.2Repeat step 3.1 to remove the baseboard.

Levelling the vanity

  • 4.1Put the vanity back into place against the wall.
  • 4.2Level the vanity from side to side and from front to back by sliding shims under it. Checking for level with a carpenter’s level, tap the shims into place with a hammer, protecting floor with cardboard.
  • 4.3Trim off the shims flush with the edges of the vanity using a utility knife.

Anchoring the vanity

  • 5.1Drive wallboard screws through the mounting rail of the vanity into the wall at the marked stud locations.

Mounting the sink

  • 6.1Equip the sink with faucets, supply tubes, a drain flange, a T connector, a tailpiece, and a pop-up mechanism.
  • 6.2Apply a bead of adhesive caulk around the top edge of the vanity, if recommended by the manufacturer.
  • 6.3Put the sink into position, butting the backsplash tightly against the wall. Wipe away any excess caulk.

Connecting the supply lines

  • 7.1Connect the supply tubes to shutoff valves. Hand-tighten the coupling nuts, then tighten each one a quarter to a half turn with an adjustable wrench.

Top tip

When gluing plastic pipe, be sure to use compatible primer and cement.

Connecting the drainpipe

  • 8.1Glue a drain extension to the drain stub-out and hand tighten a drain trap onto the drain extension.
  • 8.2Glue a drain extension to the drain trap and hand tighten it onto the tailpiece.
  • 8.3Tighten the slip nuts a quarter to a half turn with a wrench, then turn on the water and check for leaks.

Installing moulding

  • 9.1Cut the baseboard and the shoe moulding you removed and install the pieces against the wall on each side of the vanity.
  • 9.2Hide gaps between the vanity and the floor with shoe moulding. Cut the piece to length with a backsaw and a mitre box, making mitre cuts for corners.
  • 9.3Nail the shoe moulding to the floor with finishing nails.
  • 9.4Hide gaps between the vanity and the wall with scribe moulding, nailing it to the wall with brads.
  • 9.5Seal the joint between backsplash and the wall with a bead of silicon caulk.

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