Kids door sign

It's easy to make signs at home! Just use our cool transfer technique to help keep the letters neat and tidy. In fact, you can create lots of different signs once you get the hang of this technique!

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
2 hours


  • 1.1Start your sign by measuring and marking a piece of hardwood at the desired size.
  • 1.2Saw the piece of wood using a handsaw.


  • 2.1Paint the board using a foam brush in the colour of your choice and set it aside to dry.

Top tip

If you want to speed up the drying process, use a hairdryer.


  • 3.1To create your transfer using an inkjet printer, open a word processing program and type your words in a large font.
  • 3.2Then select flip horizontally (or mirror) in your printer settings and print the sign with the lettering backwards.
  • 3.3Dampen the back of the printed sheet with white vinegar. Water works too, but vinegar help dissolve the ink faster.
  • 3.4Rub the moistened paper using the blunt end of the marker. As the printed letters start to darken, the ink is actually transferring onto the painted surface.

Trace and decorate

  • 4.1Lift the sheet off the surface of the wood and let the letters dry.
  • 4.2Darken the letters by filling them in with a permanent marker, or just use the light pencil to fill in any gaps.
  • 4.3Glue on some wood ornament or trims.


  • 5.1Clamp the board down and drive screws into the sides of the sign leaving them sticking out, just a little bit so there is room to attach some ribbon or thin rope.


  • 6.1Cut a length of ribbon or rope, to hang your sign. The piece of ribbon should be about twice the width of your sign.
  • 6.2To install the hanging ribbon, tie a double knot around both screws.
  • 6.3Hang it!

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