It's time to refresh the bathroom

After the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most exciting rooms, but also the most complex to renovate. Hyper functional for some, it is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation for others. Follow this guide for successful renovations and don’t hesitate to ask our experts for advice.


The cost of bathroom renovations can easily escalate, especially if you call in specialists to do major work. Take the time to anticipate your needs to make the space as practical as possible without wasting time.

  1. Make a realistic budget.
    Shop around for accessories and ask different specialists to estimate the costs.
  2. Measure the space you need.
    A well-planned bathroom allows for easy movement between counters and fixtures. Who wants to step on their feet before going to school and work?
  3. Put everything in a folder.
    Keep your budget, bills, inspirational photos, and product sheets in one place for reference throughout the project.

Before you start thinking about the size of the vanity, the location of the toilet, bidet, bathtub, shower and access ramps for people with reduced mobility, you’ll most probably need to call a plumber to remove the plumbing that is already in place.


Quebecers consume an average of 386 litres of water per person per day. The national average is 274 litres! Two-thirds of this consumption comes from the bathroom. Fortunately, our ECO line offers a host of products that will help you considerably reduce your ecological impact, without sacrificing your comfort. From lighting with LED bulbs to water-efficient toilets, low-flow faucets, and Energy Star certified ventilation systems.

Discover our ECO products for the bathroom

Storage and organization are essential in a bathroom. Install shelves or cupboards around the toilet and near the shower and bath so that towels and sanitary products are always within easy reach.

When planning the location of the toilet, if possible, make sure it is not the first thing you see when you open the door. In fact, the big trend is to separate the toilet from the rest of the room using a door or partition.

When it comes to decoration, simple things are enough: a plant, nice mirrors to enlarge the room,  glass bottles, a few frames, soft towels and a nice bath mat. Sober and uncluttered spaces help make the space more calm and serene.

Taking the time to snoop around the web and magazines for inspiration is exciting. However, if you want a bathroom that stands the test of time, avoid overdoing it with too many trendy items. Everything will have to change as soon as the fashion is over. Instead, choose sober tiles and furniture. You can then add accessories to your taste to give your bathroom more cachet and personality.

Think about future buyers

If the space is small, it is better to accommodate a single sink. And even if the shower stall is popular, your home must absolutely have a bath so that potential buyers will not be turned away. The best alternative is a bath that includes a shower. Install a glass door, ceramics and nice accessories to seduce buyers!

In all cases, rely on the quality of accessories and materials for the floor, plumbing, fixtures and faucets. You will enjoy them longer and your investment will directly influence the resale value of your home.


Whether you do your renovations yourself or with the help of specialists, wait until you have all the necessary materials and appliances before starting the work. This will avoid prolonging the duration of the work and unnecessarily depriving yourself of your plumbing fixtures when you need them the most.

Take advantage of the absence of plumbing fixtures to paint the walls. Think about it: fewer obstacles to get around and little cutting.

If you prefer not to touch the plumbing and plumbing fixtures, select fixtures with the same drain location. Otherwise, it is best to leave the installation to a professional.


Pro Tip

Take out the measuring tape
To avoid cramped conditions, calculate 30 inches on each side of the toilet. Elsewhere in the room, allow at least 36 inches of space to circulate comfortably.

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