Plan your kitchen like a chef!

Having a dream kitchen is in style nowadays, but it must also be practical and functional. Sometimes minor adjustments are all it takes to make this space more pleasant. Here are a few tips to spice up your next project.

Preparing for the space conquest

It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a kitchen. Objects that we use every day... and others that we rediscover every 5 years! Before you start remodeling, start by taking an inventory of everything you have.

Choose the 3 pile method

To assess your storage needs, start by making three piles:

  1. A pile of what you keep,
  2. A pile of what you throw away,
  3. A pile of what you give or sell.

Some are masters in the art of collecting empty and useless plastic containers. Sorting through them will help you efficiently dispose of anything that no longer belongs in your kitchen.

Think practical

To cook efficiently, it is important to keep the work surfaces clear. Lots of cupboards are good; even better when they are well organized. The secret is to optimize the space inside the cabinets and have several compartments to find everything you need.

Even the bottom cabinet panels offer space. Install racks on top of the doors to store towels and dishcloths. There are also storage modules for cleaning products, brushes, dishcloths and other items that can be attached to the inside of the panels.

  • 1Opt for shelves that are adjustable in height to create additional levels as needed. You can never have enough.
  • 2In corner cabinets, install a carousel for quick access to everything stored without having to take everything out.
  • 3Attach hooks to hang utensils inside the cabinets. It is amazing how much space you will save.
  • 4Add sliding baskets to access items stored in the bottom of deeper cabinets.
  • 5Install pull-out modules to store garbage, compost and recycling.
Add them to your list

Even if you do not have enough cupboards, here are our helpful tips to help you gain more storage space in the kitchen.

  • Paper towel holders and plastic wrap holders. Without holders, your rolls take up too much space.
  • Glass racks. It is so much easier when you have cups in sight.
  • Hooks for cups. Fix them under your cupboard shelves. You will have more room for accessories that cannot be hung.
  • Magnetic brackets on the backsplash for storing metal knives and spice containers. They will always be within easy reach.
  • Rods with hooks for measuring cups, beautiful pots and other equipment.

Pro Tip

Install dividers to keep cutting boards, pot lids and trays upright.

The return of the pantry

This small room that was once reserved for food is making a comeback. More and more households are transforming or recreating a room adjacent to the kitchen to make it their pantry, in the style of a walk-in closet.

If it is not possible to create a small adjacent room, divide the pantry space between a cupboard and a corner of the room, which offers more space.

In any case, drawers or sliding shelves are perfect for quickly getting your hands on the ingredients you need when cooking.

The drawers

They can take it.

There are numerous compartments designed to increase the storage space inside the drawers tenfold. For example, stackable modules to store your everyday utensils and cutlery for special occasions.


Gain space

When nothing fits in the drawers or cupboards, group your items together in vases or bowls. In addition to being practical, it adds charm and personality to your kitchen.

A knife storage unit is also a good solution to keep knives close to the food preparation area. For the islands, a custom cutting board will allow you to get closer to your guests during the aperitif. It can also be used as a presentation tray.


They are always up to the task

The walls do not have ears, but they do have plenty of room for shelves, racks and boxes that can be fixed at different heights. Your porcelain, luxury ingredients and even some accessories will find a place of choice. Currently, the trend is to remove even the top cabinets and replace them with shelves.

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