Build your office like a pro

Working from home is quite popular nowadays. Many love it because they can avoid driving in a snowstorm, others because they work freelance. No matter your working reality, we have tips to transform your space to your liking. It’s your house after all, you’re the boss!

You don’t need an entire room reserved for your home office. There are many types of furniture, storage solutions and tips to help you create a cozy and comfortable workspace, no matter how your home is configured.
A room in another room

If the room you work in serves different purposes, it’s a good idea to install a divider to isolate the sound or to close yourself off from any movement on the other side. A removable divider can be installed in a few hours and will bring a welcome change to your environment.

Office on-demand

If you need a more occasional work space, why not install a long wooden shelve along the wall? All you’ll need to do is bring a chair and a laptop to finish the look. When your work is done, you can replace the accessories it usually holds and keep the decorative look going, as if nothing ever happened.

Why not work under the staircase?

If all your rooms are occupied, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the house space is used to its full capacity. Encased shelves in a wall, in your closet or even under the stairs can do the trick.

Think outside the box

If your workspace is part of a shared room, why not convert an old cabinet into a computer desk? All you need to do is add slidable shelves, install runners and drawers. Once the door is closed, you’ll be “back” home, with peace of mind.


Make an inventory of everything you need and plan the workspace accordingly. The more your space is organized and uncluttered, the more room you’ll have to think.

  • Install small cases and shelves at different heights on the wall. Perforated panels are all the rage these days, as they encourage creativity and offer a number of possibilities for installing hooks and shelves.
  • Complete your furniture with a book shelf and filing cabinets.
  • Transparent boxes will allow you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Many techniques exist to memorize important information and dates, like your deliverables and taxes.

  • A magnetic whiteboard, a cork board or a sliding board can come in very handy.
  • There are even sticky organizing toolkits that allow you to write down your appointments, create lists and pin notes.

Even if you wish to reduce your paper consumption, you’ll end up needing to print, scan and shred documents. To avoid accumulating too much paperwork on your desk, designate a space for your papers.

  • A small filing cabinet on wheels can accommodate your printer, blank paper, supplies and a filing box.
  • If the room allows it, install a filing cabinet near your work desk to limit the amount of steps you take to get there and back.

Even if you’re working from the laundry room, switch the laundromat ambiance to a workspace by decorating it accordingly. It’s great for morale and creativity.

  • Paint the walls with colours that stimulate you.
  • Don’t hesitate to install frames, plant holders and other decorations.
  • Remember that during videoconference calls, your colleagues will be seeing what’s behind you. Make the view a nice one. It brings a positive vibe to your space and projects a professional and pleasant image to your work team.

Pro Tip

Like being in a cockpit
Keep the things you use frequently at arm’s length. Ideally, you don’t want to reach any further than that when you’re swirling on your work chair.

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