Kitchen counter with a smart device

Smart Home: Real Smart Stories

Four real smart stories from real people. Let us walk you through some of the ways smart home devices can help to simplify your life, boost your home’s security, and create comfortable living spaces. Make your house a productive member of your household.

Smart Technology for Your Home
Make sure your home stays convenient, safe, and energy efficient at all times thanks to home automation. We have smart home solutions to suit all your everyday needs.
Stephen and Jeff’s Story
Stephen and Jeff are twins who share the same goal: to be the best dads and partners in the whole world. Discover why a smart hub is their greatest ally in the kitchen.
Google Nest Hub helped us find new recipes
Man wearing an apron in a kitchen
Smart Hubs that Turn into Kitchen Helpers
Make your moments at home even better and organize your life at a glance thanks to the Google Nest Hub. Voice control even allows you to go hands-free while you cook or tackle other chores.
Google Nest Hub device in chalk
Google Nest Hub on a kitchen counter
Carrie-Ann’s Story
Carrie-Ann is a single mother of a 5-year-old. She also has two dogs. Smart lighting makes her life easier and saves her time thanks to features like voice control.
Lighting Solutions that Spark Joy

Thanks to smart bulbs, you can:

  • choose from millions of colours
  • adjust lighting warmth (from warm to cool)
  • program lighting around your routine
  • control your lighting remotely
  • enjoy hands-free voice control

Plus, they offer great energy savings!

My smart lights make my life easier
Woman sitting with a child on her lap
GE Full Colour smart light bulb
Amazon Echo Dot device
GE Turnable White smart light bulb

Pro Tip

Want to learn more about the different types of bulbs available and cutting-edge smart lighting solutions? Check out our light bulb buying guide.

Mathieu’s Story
Mathieu purchased a lakefront property with his partner and another couple. Since they are often away, Mathieu uses smart technology to control his devices from a distance.
Wireless video doorbell
Smart Home Solutions that Makes You Feel Safe

Whether in a primary or secondary residence, home safety is essential. From motion-detection doorbells to smart thermostats to water leak sensors, making sure your home is safe and secure is easier than ever.

They give me a sense of control and peace of mind
Person holding a smart phone
Esther’s Story
Esther uses the Amazon Echo Show to stay in touch with her mother-in-law, who is over 80. She also loves to use it for listening to music, watching the news, getting weather updates, and much more.
Multifunction Devices that Meet Every Need

Multifunction devices such as the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Dot offer an array of voice-activated commands in a compact design that suits any room in the house. Video calls, alarms, timers, news, weather, road conditions... all in one place!

An absolutely amazing feature
Woman sitting on a couch
Amazon Echo Show device on a side table
Even More Choice at Your Fingertips
There are even more smart products out there for a more comfortable home, a less hectic daily life, and a safer environment. Check them out.
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