Take care of your roof without worrying about it

A roof is much more than a weather shield. Its maintenance has an impact on the value of your home. If you neglect it, the selling price may drop, not to mention the infiltration and damage to which you expose your property. Follow our tips to better protect your investment.

1. Say goodbye to moss on the roof

Moss is not welcome on your roof. Its presence on the shingles can cause serious damage and weaken the structure. Be brave and remove the moss with deck cleaner and a soft bristle brush

2. Flush rainwater away from the roof

To make sure that rainwater runs away from the house after it goes down your gutter, a drainage system must be installed. Several solutions are possible: 

  • Install a retractable plastic pipe that unroll at the slightest water discharge.  
  • Install a rainwater collection basin. 
  • Install a drainage pit (also called a dry well or drainage well): a hole into which water is poured and then infiltrates naturally into the ground. 

Pro Tip

Get a 4" wide strip of zinc. Insert it under the ridge shingle. The ridge is the part of the roof that makes the joint between the two slopes. Over time, the zinc strip will oxidize and prevent moss from forming.
3. Repair the leaking gutter

Many people overlook the importance of gutters, yet they keep water away from the foundation of your home. A leaking gutter can promote infiltration into the basement.  

Our tip

Locate the crack and repair it by covering it with a square of fiberglass mesh. Use roof repair cement to secure the mesh to the gutter. The next day, cover the dry surface with another coat of roof cement. To obtain a smooth surface, use a putty knife. You can paint it the same colour as the gutter. 

4. Replace missing shingles

An asphalt shingle roof requires little maintenance. However, strong gusts of wind can sometimes damage and tear shingles. Replace them yourself. It's easy to do.  

Our tip

Push a bar under the damaged shingle up to the nail, then lift up about 3 cm. Trim the tab of your replacement shingle to fit into this space. Coat the space to be filled with roofing cement and push your new shingle under the previous row of shingles. Tap gently to even out. That's it! 


Have your shingles delivered directly to your roof

Do you need to change all the shingles in your house? Save on labour costs by having your renovation centre use the crane truck to drop your bundles of shingles directly onto the roof of your home. This is a common practice. And your workers will be grateful: a single bundle of shingles weighs 35 kg. You’ll need an average of 60 of them!
5. Wood siding: cedar or pine?

It's a question of aesthetics and maintenance. Pine siding and cedar siding can last a lifetime if taken care of before installation. 

Our tip

  • Cedar siding does not need to be painted. It takes on a beautiful lustrous grey patina with time.  
  • Pine siding is not as resistant to moisture. To prevent water infiltration between the planks, it must be painted. The rough side holds paint better, while the smooth side must be repainted frequently. 

Pro Tip

What should you do if you need to replace a portion of vinyl siding (or clapboard) when the exact colour no longer exists in store?

It’s annoying because everyone can see the difference, but there are ways to get out of it elegantly. Locate the area of your home that is the most hidden from view. Under the terrace, for example. Remove a piece of siding the size you need for your repair. You will then replace it with a new siding panel of a similar shade. No one will know the difference.


Pro Tip

Why waste your whole weekend scratching? A pressure washer is the most efficient tool to clean your wood siding. Thanks to its powerful jet, you will save precious time by removing the dirt. All you have to do is scrape off the stubborn particles once the wood has dried. Abracadabra! 

6. Inspect your chimney

The structure of old chimneys sometimes impedes the natural flow of rainwater. To prevent this problem, install a speed bump behind the chimney. This device allows water to circulate on each side of the chimney rather than accumulating behind it. 

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