Episode 2
March 27th 2020, Beloeil
Creating an outdoor kitchen
This week, Dave works with Cynthia and Jean-Christophe to optimize their back yard. As they redesign the outdoor space, Dave has a surprise in store for his new accomplices!
While you're at it
Little surprises
Building the kitchen structure
Here are the steps to build the perfect outdoor kitchen to host your friends all summer long.
Keep in mind that this project is completely customizable! Use measurements from your space to build a nook that suits your needs.
Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
5 hours

Plan and sketch

  • 1.1Take measurements of the surface of the terrace.
  • 1.2Evaluate the size of the area that will be renovated.
  • 1.3Draw a sketch of the desired outdoor kitchen.
  • 1.4Add measurements to your plan to calculate what materials and tools you will need.

Dave's Tip

At Cynthia and Jean-Christophe’s home, we worked with a surface they already had. Get inspired by this home improvement project all the while taking the size and composition of your terrace into account. The standards in height and depth are 36 inches by 42 inches.

You don’t need to be a designer to draw a sketch! The goal is to come up with a broad picture of what you want. The most important part is identifying what materials you need to work with.

Prepare and cut

  • 2.1Lay down the wood and make sure it has no cracks, splits or other problems.
  • 2.2Measure and cut each piece needed for the bar counter that will be placed on top of the refrigerator.
  • 2.3Measure and cut all the pieces needed for the preparation counter.

Dave's Tip

If you are using treated wood, every cut must be protected. Apply a sealant where the wood is bare to make it more durable.

You can also lightly sand the cuts with medium grit sandpaper.

Assemble the furniture

  • 3.1Assemble the legs by screwing them to the crosspieces.
  • 3.2Make sure to use a square when you assemble the furniture.
  • 3.3Fasten the top board first to ensure its squareness.
  • 3.4Assemble the other boards on the outline of the furniture with a spirit level to make sure the boards are straight and leveled.
  • 3.5Fasten the planks that serve as a countertop. Leave extra space at the front of the counter. Make sure the refrigerator fits into the designated space before screwing everything in place.
  • 3.6Add shelves according to the space left and what needs to be stored (glasses, dishes, pots, etc.).

Dave's Tip

There are different ways to assemble the furniture. In this case, we recommend starting with its legs. You can also fasten the inner crosspieces that will serve as shelves.

In this case, the surface of the preparation counter is made of recycled materials. To build yours, you can use a fine sheet of stainless steel and nail it to the counter surface with rustproof treated nails.

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