Episode 1
March 20th 2020, Boucherville
Optimizing a laundry room
This week, Dave is at Luisa and Ralph’s home to renovate their bathroom. Together, they cut air infiltration caused by the poorly isolated door. Also, our Dave has a few surprises up his to merge the useful with the enjoyable!
While you're at it
Little surprises
Close off and insulate the doorway
To stop air infiltration in the bathroom, the doorway was closed off and thermal wall insulation was installed. Here are all the steps to complete the project and improve the energy consumption of the house.
Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
3 hours

Insulate the door

  • 1.1Apply a foam adhesive sealer in the cracks that are causing air infiltration. The sealer will expand and fill in the empty spaces.
  • 1.2Install insulating wool mats.
  • 1.3Let everything dry for as long as the manufacturer indicates.

Dave's Tip

To make sure that they stay in place, you can stick the wool mats in the adhesive foam sealer before it dries. Careful not to compress the wool because this will diminish its insulating capacities.

A rigid insulation panel can also be used.

Cover the hole

  • 2.1Measure and cut the sheet of plywood so that it covers the hole of the door.
  • 2.2With the trimmings, measure and cut the strips.
  • 2.3Nail the strips to the door frame, at the same thickness as the sheet of plywood.
  • 2.4Nail the cut plywood to the strips. The sheet should be flush with wall.

Dave's Tip

Strips are little pieces of wood that help support the sheet of plywood that will close the hole.

Install wall paneling

  • 3.1Using a level, trace a guiding line at the height of one plank of the selected wall panel.
  • 3.2With a nail gun, fix the first plank and double check the level.
  • 3.3Measure, cut and install the first row of planks.
  • 3.4Continue the installation on the entire surface to be covered.

Dave's Tip

Faux barn wood is thick enough and holds well in place. For an optimal installation, find the studs and fix your planks to them.

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