Episode 3
April 3rd 2020, Boucherville
Creating a warm and inviting basement
This week, Dave is at Paola’s home to give her the ideal space to enjoy her home theater system. Not only does Dave optimize the space by reorganizing some furniture, he completely changes the look of the entire basement!
While you're at it
Little surprises
Installing vinyl flooring on the wall
To draw attention to that corner of the basement, an accent wall was installed behind the television. Here are all the steps to recreate the look in your home!
Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
3 hours

Preparation and levelling

  • 1.1Draw a simple sketch of the project to figure out the best installation option according to the planks (length and thickness) chosen.
  • 1.2Make sure the joints alternate for a more aesthetically pleasing look.
  • 1.3Using a level, trace a guideline on the top of the first plank to start the first row.
  • 1.4Measure and cut the first vinyl plank.
  • 1.5Using a nail gun, install the first plank. Make sure the groove is upright to facilitate the rest of the installation.
  • 1.6Double-check the level.

Dave's Tip

Le first row must be straight, levelled, and securely installed. Some planks may also be glued instead of nailed into place. 

If your wall is not entirely straight, adjust the installation accordingly. 

It is possible that the planks must be cut lengthwise in order to make sure the installation is level. 

Wall installation

  • 2.1Measure and cut the planks of the following rows all the while following the sketch drawn at step 1.1.

Dave's Tip

Vinyl planks are usually installed as a floor covering. There are therefore many different possibilities to install them on the wall. 

To make sure the planks are solid, yet easier to remove, a silicone can be applied. Once dried, the planks will stick onto the wall despite any possible imperfections, bumps, or other complications. 

Lower the nail gun’s pressure to 90 PSI and be aware that the vinyl may fragment. Wear protective glasses and gloves

Finishing touches

  • 3.1Measure, cut, and install the last row of planks.
  • 3.2Measure, cut, and install little wood mouldings to hide the joints in the corners and to camouflage the cuts. This step is optional, according to the space covered.

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