Episode 4
April 10th 2020, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Updating a kitchen
This week, Dave is visiting Ginette and Christian to renovate their kitchen. Together, they install a self-adhesive backsplash. Plus, a team of experts is called in to change the counters, and Dave has a few extra surprises up his sleeves!
While you're at it
Little surprises
Installing a self-adhesive tile backsplash
What’s a kitchen without a backsplash? In order to facilitate clean-up and maintenance, self-adhesive tiles were installed. Here are all the steps to complete the project.
Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
2 hours

Prepare the installation

  • 1.1Establish the area to be covered in order to calculate the number of boxes to purchase.
  • 1.2Clean the entire surface using a strong degreaser.
  • 1.3Check that the counter is level. If it isn’t, correct the level by tracing a line on the first row of tiles.

Dave's Tip

It’s important not to neglect the cleaning process. The degreaser will remove any trace of grease, food residue, and any other dirt. Once dry, it’ll ensure that the tiles adhere properly.

In this case, the counter was professionally installed a few hours prior, therefore is assuredly level.

Cut the tiles

  • 2.1Measure and cut the first tiles required for the installation.

Stick the tiles

  • 3.1Remove the plastic from the back of the first tile and align it with the counter. Place the tile on the wall.
  • 3.2Create pressure with your fingers on the surface of the entire tile to make sure it adheres well to the wall.
  • 3.3Install the first row of tiles by repeating steps 3.1 and 3.2.
  • 3.4Install the remaining rows.

Dave's Tip

Make sure all the tiles are straight and that the corners align and adhere properly.

Even though the tiles can be removed once installed, it is not recommended that you do so. Take the time to align everything properly before installing the tile.

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