Grub Busters(R) Nematodes

Article#89465019 Model#7380750
Grub Busters(R) Nematodes

Grub Busters(R) Nematodes

Article#89465019 Model#7380750


Kill grubs naturally with Green Earth Grub Busters(R) Nematodes. This product controls white grubs (European chafer, Japanese beetle and June beetle larvae), fungus gnats, onion maggots, cutworms and sod webworms in lawns and gardens. Nematodes are naturally-occurring, microscopic organisms present in soils and are completely harmless to non-target species, making them safe for people and pets. Simply mix with water and spray when larvae are present and actively feeding, typically late April to mid June and early August through October.

Technical specifications

Packaging :1 unit
Utilization :Outdoor
Component :Nematodes
Style :Grub Busters(R)
Type :Pest Control
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