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Learn about different types of roof and explore our wide selection of shingles and corrugated panels. Find out about roofing materials and our installation services.

Build a Sturdy Roof for Your Home

In addition to aesthetics, the choice of a roof covering must take into consideration your geographical location, roof slope, and budget. With a huge variety and number of products available on the market, it can be tricky to choose the one which best meets your needs. Learn about the features of each roof covering to make an informed choice.

Choose your Roof Shingles

The new generation of asphalt shingles are a vast improvement. In addition to enhancing the appearance of all types of roof, they are easier to install and much more durable. These are laminate asphalt shingles made from a fibreglass mat, thicker and very wind-resistant. They are referred to as composition or architectural shingles.

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Roof panels and accessories

Repair, construct, or replace a roof with the wide array of roofing panels. These durable panels are made from corrugated asphalt and feature a tough organic fibre core for added longevity. Roofing sheets have alternating grooves and ridges that do not hold water and make drainage easy. These infused roof sheets will not corrode or rust and are highly resistant to wind.

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A wide selection of roof shingles through special order

We carry hundreds of shingles to suit your house's color, style, and budget. Visit your local Réno-Dépôt store to see our full selection of shingles available through special order.

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Get your roof installed by professionals

Whether it be fiberglass, aluminum siding, or roof vent installation, our experts will carry out your renovation tasks with care and precision.

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Essential Products for your Roof

Your roof is more than just shingles and solar panels. It's a complete system that also requires ventilation, eavestroughs, and water-resistant underlayment products. Each of these elements plays an important role in protecting your home, and they work together to ensure the beauty and durability of your roof.


Gutters protect your home from damage caused by bad weather and ensure that rainwater is evacuated away from the foundation.

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Roll roofing and underlayment

Roofing underlayment is just as important as roof shingles. It acts as a water-resistant or waterproof barrier and is installed directly onto your roof deck.

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Coatings and sealants are a great way to protect your roof from normal wear and tear. They act as a protective barrier or sealant that will extend the life of your roof.



Flashing is installed to surround roof features, such as vents, chimneys and skylights. Water should run down the side of the flashing and be directed to the shingles instead of finding its way into the roof deck.

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Roof vents

Roof vents help with air ventilation in your attic, which work to control the temperature in the rest of the house. They also moderate the condensation on the roof and help to extend the life of your shingles.

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Roof Heat Cables

Pipe and roof heat cables are a great option for flat roofs. After a snowfall the cables will warm up your roof and melt the snow that could cause damage to your roofing materials.

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