Complete kitchen renovation services

You have been dreaming of a new kitchen? A kitchen renovation involves several steps which must be carried out in a precise sequence. Our specialists will help you every step of the way!

Included with our kitchen renovation services

To get started, you must submit your information by filling out our online form. For clients of our Sherbrooke, Gatineau and Charlemagne locations: a kitchen designer will contact you to discuss the materials, colours, designs and the various services offered - this can be done virtually or in person.

Once your project is approved, our service provider will contact you within 3-5 business days to come measure your kitchen and finalize the plans. Once the plans are done, it will be time to confirm the chosen items and sign the sales contract. From this point on, the production of your kitchen will take between 6 and 8 weeks. At this stage, no cancellation is possible.

As soon as your cabinet order is complete, the installer will contact you to plan the installation of your new kitchen. Please note that the removal of your old kitchen is not included in our basic service but can be added at an additional cost. As a final step, your installer will inspect the work with you to make sure the installation is well done, and he will also clean up the job site before leaving.

Your favorite Réno-Dépôt store does not offer a kitchen service? No problem! We offer a wide selection of pre-assembled cabinets, and our in-store specialists will help you plan the purchase of items for your new kitchen - from ceramic tiles to custom countertops. Our qualified installers will then install everything for you with care and precision.

Steps to an easy and worry-free kitchen renovation project

Choose your style
Plan the work to be done
Book your consultation
Meet with your specialist
Get ready for installation

Réno-Dépôt offers a variety of materials and colours to fit any need and kitchen style

Identify which styles and designs are more suitable for your home using our top kitchen design ideas.

Determine which elements of your current kitchen need to be updated.

We offer a selection of pre-assembled cabinets as well as a variety of special order kitchen cabinets* to accommodate all types of budgets.

Replace your old kitchen counter with a customized work surface that will suit your lifestyle. From laminate to quartz, we have the countertop for you. Tempted by a quartz or granite countertop? Try our interactive tool and get a quote in only a few minutes.

Discover our wide selection of flooring to match your new decor.

In addition to being useful, a backsplash will add punch to your kitchen and personality to your walls. Shop our selection of wall tiles.

Sink and faucet
A new faucet and a new sink will bring a sophisticated touch to your kitchen.

Are you thinking of modernizing your appliances? Shop for those new appliances as soon as possible so you have the metrics you need to finalize your plan.

How to book a consultation

Fill out a consultation request online.

We will contact you within 72 hours to schedule an appointment. It’s that simple!

Request a consultation

Shop at a Réno-Dépôt store near you and fill out a request form with the help of one of our specialists.

Our specialists will guide you through the planning process and a qualified professional will do the work for you.

Find a store

Meet with your specialist*

First consultation

You’ll meet your kitchen specialist remotely from your home or one-on-one in a store. During the consultation, we’ll discuss materials, colours, designs and service options, which range from measurement to installation.

Come prepared with your existing kitchen layout, preliminary measurements, and budget to get a project quote.

In-home consultation

Once you approve the project and provide payment, a local, licensed and insured independent installer will schedule an in-home appointment to create a kitchen that reflects your style.

It’s installation day! Ensure the space is prepped and ready for installation.

That means:
• Disconnect plumbing and electrical elements
• Clear out cabinets, countertops and open shelving
• Make sure accessories (sinks, faucets, etc.) and appliances are on site
• A clear path should be made where the installation will take place
• Floors should be protected to avoid potential damage*

Appointment confirmation

The installer will call ahead of time to confirm his estimated time of arrival and review safety steps with you.

Safety measures

All installers are required to pass a daily health screening, they must wear personal protective equipment, and sanitize work area and tools on each job.

Likewise, we require customers to practice social distancing at all times while installers are performing their job.


All installers are background checked, licensed where applicable and insured.

Customer satisfaction

In order to be a part of our Independent Installer program, all contractors must go through the toughest rating test of all – your satisfaction.

After your project is completed, we will send you a survey email to assess your satisfaction. Make sure to add Réno-Dépôt to your trusted senders’ list.

And don’t forget! We offer a 1-year labour warranty on all installation services and we provide assistance 7 days a week through our call centre at 1-844-454-1454.

Some project ideas for inspiration

A few frequently asked questions

Installation-related questions
When can you start … and finish?
For small projects, the work is usually done within a few days following the purchase. In the 24 hours following your purchase, our call centre will contact you. Following that, an installer will call to book an appointment with you.

For major projects such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, please allow additional time for essential steps including in-store consultations to create the plan, measuring process, and work order issuance.

Bear in mind that product availability, weather conditions, client availability, and work area conditions may have an impact on project timelines.
How do you ensure that your customers are satisfied?
Throughout the project, we provide constant customer care. Upon project completion, both the installer and customer inspect the work that has been carried out to ensure that it meets the customer’s expectations. If all is approved, the customer signs a work acceptance form. Finally, we contact each customer after the installation is completed asking them to fill out a survey for feedback on the job’s execution.
Are you insured for damage and accidents?
Yes, all Réno-Dépôt installers have liability insurance.
Whom should I call if I have a problem: Réno-Dépôt or the installer?
Please contact Réno-Dépôt’s call centre if your project was a fixed-cost installation: 1-844-454-1454. For a renovation project, please contact the Réno-Dépôt store where the contract was signed.
Do I have to give a deposit?
Yes, a 50% deposit is required when you sign the installation services contract. The remaining 50% must be paid before the work begins. Alternatively, the full amount can be paid when signing the contract.
Product-related questions
What details should I look for during my quality assurance assessment with the installer?
• Inspect the holes drilled for the faucets
• Inspect the cabinets and the countertop for chips, cracks or scratches
• Make sure all adhesives (glue, silicone, caulk) have well adhered
How should I care for my new kitchen?
• Liquid spills and stains should be cleaned immediately
• Avoid cutting directly on the countertop surface
• Only use nonabrasive cleaners, that do not contain bleach, solvents, acids or high alkaline
• Avoid putting too much weight on your new counters as chips, cracks and scratches from heavy objects or misuse are not covered under warranty
Are parts and labour covered?
Labour is always under warranty for one year (there are exceptions for certain services). Parts and materials are covered according to the manufacturer’s warranty.
Do you also offer repair and maintenance services?
No, we do not offer such services at this time.

Thousands of satisfied customers and still counting

Ease of getting the job done, quickly and expertly.
Stephen Rudolph, Quebec
The fact that Réno-Dépot offers installation services helps a lot or else we would have to look for the services.
Rosa Vernacchia, Quebec
On time, very professional, cleaned up after he was finished, very happy with the work done.
Joanne Cavanagh, Quebec
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