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A new water heater in less time than it takes to write it

Is your old water heater looking like it’s about to let you down? Even worse, is there already water all over your basement floor? Let us help you.

At Réno-Dépôt we sell and install Giant water heaters. The reputation of Giant water heaters is well established; Giant is one of the largest gas, electric and oil water heater manufacturers in Canada. Their range of tanks, from small to large capacity, makes them suitable for residential or commercial use.

The water heater installation service includes:

  • Delivery of the water heater
  • Installation

How to know when it’s time to change your water heater

The average lifespan of a water heater is around 10 to 15 years. The manufacturer’s warranty will give you an idea of the quality and lifespan of your water heater. A low-end model can have a six-year warranty on the tank, whereas it can be up to nine years for a high-end model.

Some signs that your water heater is not as efficient as before:

  • ater not as hot or runs out quickly
  • Dampness or rust at the bottom of the water heater
  • Water slightly discoloured and not as clear
  • Water on the floor near the water heater

If the water in your area contains minerals ("hard water") or has a high iron content, it is possible that their residues are hindering the operation of your water heater and causing premature ageing.

Insurers recommend replacing your water heater after 10 years of use, or doing regular inspections. Some of them could refuse to compensate you in the event of water damage caused by a water heater whose useful life has expired.

Why are Giant water heaters the best choice?

For over 70 years, family-owned Giant has innovated its manufacturing processes in order to offer high-quality products tailored to the diverse needs of its customers. Concerned about protecting the environment, Giant always tries to use the most environmentally-friendly materials in its water heaters. Moreover, several of their models are Energy Star certified.

Products that meet your specific needs

At Réno-Dépôt we have a wide range of water heaters from compact models (2 gallons) which can be installed at the cottage or office to residential models (60 gallons). You are sure to find a water heater that meets your needs.

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