Reno‐Depot is dedicated to offering you unbeatable prices.

A local competitor is offering the exact same item posted or advertised at a regular or discount price lower than ours? All you need to do is provide us with adequate proof and meet certain conditions and we’ll not only match the price posted or advertised by that competitor, we’ll beat it by 15%!

To benefit from our unbelievable prices polity, the customer must meet a and demonstrate the following conditions:

  1. The comparably lower price must be posted or advertised as such by a competitor (brick and mortar) located within a 25‐km radius from your Reno‐Depot warehouse;
  2. The item must be in stock at the local competitor’s store at the time at which you want to benefit from our unbeatable prices policy;
  3. The item offered must the exact same model of the same brand as the one already in stock at your Reno‐Depot warehouse;
  4. The price demanded by the authorized retailer must be for a new item still in its manufacturer’s original wrapping, hence it cannot be reconditioned, used, damaged, returned, open‐box or display merchandise.
  5. The proof must be in the form of a web‐based circular or in paper format from a Canadian retailer. In addition, it must be an active web site (full URL required). A screenshot of a website is not an acceptable proof. The proof must be printed and delivered to the department associate or printed by the department associate.
  6. For the proof to be valid, it must be submitted within the last 30 days following the purchase of the item.

Our unbeatable prices policy may not apply to:

  1. All appliances;
  2. Prices advertised by the competitor in‐store or online;
  3. Articles provided by our installation services teams;
  4. Services, such as delivery, installation or rental;
  5. Competitors who operate online only;
  6. Prices reduced because of the use of a rain check, a coupon or an offer from the vendor;
  7. Category, brand, or store wide special discount; however, we will match the competitor’s offer;
  8. Items whose prices posted or advertised by the local retailer are incorrect;
  9. Articles at liquidation (end of season) or store closure prices;
  10. Quotes and bids;
  11. Gift cards, free items and bonus purchases;
  12. Black Friday week, Cyber Monday or Boxing Day specials;
  13. Warehouse clubs requiring membership fees;
  14. Credit or financing programs;
  15. Protection plans;
  16. Articles in special orders.

Some conditions apply:

  1. Our unbeatable prices policy is not combinable with any other offer.
  2. The 15% discount is applied before taxes and other applicable fees.
  3. Reno‐Depot reserves the right to limit the quantity of an item available to a reasonable quantity for a normal use.
  4. We reserve the right to carry out all verifications we feel are necessary prior to honouring our unbeatable prices policy.
  5. The conditions of our unbeatable pricing policy can change without notice.

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