Ready to move? For a successful move, it is better to be properly equipped and be well prepared. Count on us to help you.

1. Being ready for moving day

Moving can be stressful. It’s a lot easier when you prepare for it. Allow a few weeks to complete all the necessary steps: change of address, preparation of boxes, reservation of movers, cleaning of rooms, etc.
Tip # 1: Make people happy and save movers' time by sorting through all the books, furniture and clothes you no longer use. Organize the rest of your belongings in cardboard boxes and storage bins by room and topic.

Tip # 2: Equip yourself with a hand cart, moving straps and moving blankets to protect your belongings on the go while protecting your back.

Tip # 3: Keep a tool kit nearby (hammer, pliers, screwdriver) as well as everything you need to clean (brooms, dustpan, paper towels, cleaning products).

2. Moving in your new home

Before moving in for good, it is best to prepare the place. If you have access to your new home a few days before the move, take the opportunity to thoroughly clean everything with a brush and mop. Also take advantage of the absence of furniture to paint the walls and ceilings. Now is also the right time to install new lighting and plan your storage systems in closets, wardrobes, wardrobes and the garage to store all your belongings.

3. Personalize Your Home Decor After Having Moved

Take the time to evaluate your storage needs before opening all of your cardboard boxes. New shelves and storage boxes will help storing your tools and other accessories while transforming your new space. Adding rugs and tapestries can also create the illusion of new divisions. And what could be better than pointing out that you are at home now with a new mailbox, as well as an outdoor light fixture to show the way for your future guests?

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