Sustainability at Réno-Dépôt

Sustainability at Réno-Dépôt

We’re always looking for new initiatives to build a better, greener tomorrow for future generations. Learn more about our programs that support the environment and community well-being.

Eco-friendly products

ECO products

Our team has chosen over 5,000 environmentally friendly products based on the life cycle approach and the latest environmental certifications. Look for the ECO icon – whether online or in store - and start reducing your environmental footprint on your next home improvement project.

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Top ECO tips

A clear commitment to responsible sourcing

Wood, a sustainable material

Used in hundreds of products, wood is a natural resource that we want to preserve. Our goal for 2025 is simple: to ensure that all our products that contain wood are responsibly sourced. We are therefore actively working with our suppliers to improve forestry practices.

A healthy home

Did you know that some products contain chemicals that could be harmful to your health and the environment? In addition to complying with the various regulations in place, Réno-Dépôt is acting proactively to identify these substances, reduce them and, ultimately, eliminate them completely from our stores.

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More eco-friendly house brands

A range of products that use less water

All new bathroom products from our house brands have been WaterSense certified since 2022. This certification attests that the products use less water.

Easily recycled products

Our goal for 2025? To add a How2Recycle label to the product packaging for our house brands─if space allows─to explain how to recycle the product packaging.

Improved operational efficiency

Stores that help you recycle

Wondering how to get rid of those old batteries, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and leftover paint? They shouldn’t go in the garbage because they’re harmful to the environment, so bring them to our stores and our partners will recycle them to give them a second life! Ask your store for the list of accepted products.

More energy-efficient stores

Réno-Dépôt aims to reduce its GHG emissions by 40% compared to 2016 levels. To achieve this ambitious goal, we’ve spent the last several years investing in the development of technologies to improve energy efficiency in our stores, distribution centres, and head office.

Waste recovery

Réno-Dépôt is actively working to find alternatives to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. We’ve developed several solutions to recover and recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, dry construction materials, metal, Styrofoam, organic materials, and hazardous waste.

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Stores supporting communities

Our stores participate in various community fundraising campaigns, such as the RONA inc. Heroes campaign, which allows store associates to choose which local cause they want to support. Once the fundraiser is done, RONA inc. matches donations by 50%, up to $2,000 per store. Thanks to the generosity of our customers and the involvement of our stores, it is more than $4 million that are donated each year to local causes,

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